Monday, December 10, 2012

Street Life 71908 BW

Street Life 71908 BW by Lloyd Thrap
Street Life 71908 BW, a photo by Lloyd Thrap on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
from: Notes on the "Street Life" Series.

Even though all coins have two sides I will I hope keep the focus of this series as positive, for now. We will have to see the other side at some point to maintain balance in what is really a journalistic documentation of the local Arts and Party scene.

I must as a story teller make you care about the character's first. You must feel what they feel to be able to and want to be sympathetic to them and their situation. To want to know what will happen next. The viewer will not focus on that they do not care about. Developing this bond is the only way people will really begin to see what lies between the shinny surface and the shadows.

My photos are an attempt to present this style of photography in a new way that more reflects our time. Old school
documentary style can in no way portray the world of today. It in no way can garner or keep the attention of the modern viewer. It is as well the first step in developing a new form of artistic content which allows for the way people have been trained to view and to react to the messages in advertising, entertainment and the news media's content...

The "street life" series will be expanded I'm doing some shooting for it tomorrow night and again on Friday night. All in downtown. So if your living your beautiful life in the pubs, clubs and dance halls the studios and galleries, I will perhaps cross your path, perhaps recording a moment of yours as I do.

XOXO from Lloyd AKA Wasabi

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